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SBCTC leads on women in construction

Nov 14, 2017 - Robbie Hunter, the president of the State Building and Construction Trades Council, released the following statement today on the select committee hearing on Occupational Segregation and the Gender Pay Gap. (Read More)

Contractors named for fire zone debris removal

Oct. 27, 2017 - State and federal agencies have named two prime contractors to handle debris removal in the widespread Northern California wildfire zones where an estimated 6,700 homes and 1,700 businesses were destroyed in blazes earlier this month. (Read More)

Obama-era silica regulation finally in effect

Oct. 25, 2017 - After two delays, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has finally put into full effect new construction standards on silica exposure that were first issued last year by the Obama administration. (Read More)

SBCTC finalizes agreement with Tesoro

Oct. 13, 2017 - The State Building and Construction Trades Council has finalized a five-year Project Labor Agreement with California's biggest oil refiner, the Tesoro Corp. (Read More)

AB 1701 now on governor's desk

Oct. 9, 2017 - With Assembly Bill 1701 sitting on Gov. Jerry Brown's desk, State Building and Construction Trades Council President Robbie Hunter has helped make the case for signing the bill that seeks to end wage theft in California. (Read More)

Prevailing wage called “imperative” to housing bills

Oct. 10, 2017 - State Building and Construction Trades Council President Robbie Hunter established a context in support of the prevailing wage in a Sacramento Bee story this week when he discussed how decent pay buys a highly skilled and trained work force that in the end cuts down on construction costs. (Read More)

OSHA safety grants remain intact for now; SBCTC schedules spring training sessions

Oct. 10, 2017 - Working people across the United States received some good news last month when the Senate Appropriations Committee voted out a bill to keep federal OSHA funding for next year at its current level. (Read More)

Three-year death toll hits 39 on NYC high rises

Sept 26, 2017 - Twice in one day last week, workers in New York City fell to their deaths in an epidemic that for two years has plagued high-rise construction in Manhattan. (Read More)

Another stall by Trump on silica standard

Sept 23, 2017 - More than 50 American workers can be expected to die - including an untold number in construction - under the Trump Administration's refusal for another month to enforce new standards to limit on-the-job exposure to silica. (Read More)

Another big night for the Building Trades: SB 2, SB 3, SB 35 Pass Assembly

Sept. 15, 2017 - The state Assembly completed work on three of several Building Trades-backed bills Thursday night in actions that represent a first and significant step towards California addressing its housing crisis. (Read More)

SBCTC-sponsored bill to protect CEQA passes Legislature

Sept. 14, 2017 - Big business interests will no longer be able to coerce local governments into approving their development projects under threat of costly special elections under a bill that has passed the Legislature and is on its way to Gov. Jerry Brown. (Read More)

Assembly passes AB 1701, crushes rogue contractors with massive vote to end wage theft

Sept. 14, 2017 - Organized labor scored a crushing defeat of rogue developers and contractors when the state Assembly voted by an overwhelming margin to put a stop to wage theft in the construction industry. (Read More)

Building Trades score big fed court win on SB 54

Sept. 13, 2017 - In a major victory for the State Building Trades, two contractors that lodged a legal challenge to a state law that improves safety in California's oil refineries have dropped their federal court case. (Read More)

SBCTC president rips Press-Enterprise editorial

Sept. 7, 2017 - A letter to the editor by State Building and Construction Trades President Robbie Hunter tore into a Riverside Press-Enterprise editorial that was critical of the prevailing wage. (Read More)

Full steam ahead on High Speed Rail

Sept. 7, 2017 - If you thought that the California High Speed Rail project wasn't much more than the subject of controversy, you need to check out all the construction that's happening in the Fresno area. (Read More)

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