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Final Count Shows All Three Charter City Measures on November Ballot Failed
City Council Endorses PLA for Sacramento Arena Project
Resolution Opposing Outsourcing California Construction Jobs Clears Committee
More Anti-PLA Efforts are Underway as the War on Workers Targets California
Bob Balgenorth's Column Supporting PLAs Runs in Pro-Business Newspaper
PUC Gives Final OK to Oakley Generating Station After Overwhelming Show of Support
City Council Approves Sweeping PLA
Video about Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) in Schools

From the President

Archived Columns From the President Emeritus
2011 Columns From the President
Jerry Brown is Governor Once Again; Let's Get to Work!
Business and Labor Agree: Now is the Time to Build
Workers Must Stand United as Right Wing Launches All Out Attack on Unions
As Republicans Do Nothing, Kochs Keep Controlling California
A Light at the End of the Tunnel? Maybe, But We Cannot Give up the Fight
Balgenorth examines "Life Without Unions?"
More Anti-PLA Efforts are Underway as the War on Workers Targets California
ABC's Sham Study Debunked Before it is Released
Billionaire Tells Congress to Stop Coddling the Billionaires
Legislature Seizes Initiative to Protect Local Governments' Freedom to Choose PLAs
Like Predatory Insects, Extremists Appear Every Seven Years to Silence California Workers' Voices
High-Speed Rail Will Restore California's "Pioneering Spirit"
Members of SBCTC Affiliates Demand Fair Elections
Working People Must Unite Behind a Single Revenue Plan: the Governor's
Election Year Brings More Right-Wing Attacks on Workers and Unions
Op-Ed on Sacramento Arena Project Published in Sacramento Business Journal
CA must Invest in the Middle Class Now
PLAS are Proving Successful and Growing More Popular Throughout California
Tradeswomen's Conference Keeps Growing, Expanding Opportunities for Women
The Stakes are Huge - We Must Focus on the November Election NOW
Proposition 32: Corporate Billionaires' Quest to Force Workers to Shut Up
Proposition 30 is a Good Deal For Trades Workers; Proposition 32 is A Vile Fraud
My Final Column as President and a Final Call to Action
Previous Years Monthly Columns From President Robbie Hunter
2015 Monthly Columns From President Robbie Hunter
Wall Street Gamblers Readying To Steal from Workers Again, With Help from Congress
Republican Wins Across the Country Means the War on Workers and Wages Intensifies
Study Perfectly Illustrates Why Arguments Against Prevailing Wage are Illogical and Absurd
Underground Economy Harms Us All, So the Laws Battling it Should be Strongly Enforced
The Real Legacy of Free Trade: Lost Jobs and Slashed Incomes
Despite Misinformation and Ongoing Attacks, PLAs Continue to Provide the Best Value
As Texas Politicians Brag About Unregulated Texas, Workers Die and Families Suffer as a Result
Political Appeal of Bashing American Unions May Have Peaked
Unity - SBCTC Achieves an Important String of Victories in 2015 Legislative Year
Columnist Perfectly Explains the Value of Unions to the Workers
2014 Monthly Columns From President Robbie Hunter
An Amazing 2013 - Let's Stay Tough & Unified for 2014's Challenges
We Continue to Advocate Strongly for High Speed Rail
Governor Brown Reverses Decades of Inaction on Water
Superintendent Tom Torlakson has Earned, and Needs, the Support of the Building Trades
Speaker John A. PĂ©rez is the Building Trades' Clear Choice for State Controller
Before There Were Unions, Workers Lived Desperate, Dangerous, Impoverished Lives
Unions Belong to Us All
Can We Learn from the Success of Germany's Working People?
Building Trades' Recent Victories Are Just The Latest Chapter in a Long, Ongoing Saga
Political Participation Leads to a Better Life for Workers
Building Trades Apprenticeships are a Pathway to Success that Benefits All Californians
Workers' Pennies Drive Historic Building Trades Legislation
2013 Monthly Columns From President Robbie Hunter
A Tale of Two States: California -- Michigan
Building Trades Sets Up Ambitious 2013 Agenda
First they Deregulated the Savings and Loan Industry, Then They Deregulated Wall Street
Evidence Grows that CEQA is Good for Working Californians
SB 7 Will End Loophole to Avoid paying Prevailing Wage
How's this for a racket?
Prevailing Wage: Moving Forward in California, Backward in Other States
Anti-Worker Interests Trying to Use the Federal Government to Attack California Workers
Californians Elect Officeholders Who Care About Workers, And the Results are Good
Workers' Combined Pennies Fight Billionaires' Efforts to Silence Workers
Public Works Projects Before Prevailing Wage: We Must Never Go Back
Prevailing Wage Under Attack; The Usual Tools of Choice: Lies, Greed, Misinformation & Bogus Studies
That's Enough Gridlock; Time to End the Two-Thirds Vote Threshold for Tax Measures
Unity Among the Trades is Crucial For Advancing Workers' Causes
2016 Monthly Columns from President Robbie Hunter
Lack of Common Sense Regulations Caused Public Health Disaster
High Speed Rail: California's Infrastructure Project that Will Change the Nation
Despite National Uncertainty, California Building Trades Workers Still Earned Victories
Building Trades' Mission to Improve Workers' Quality of Life Continues in 2017
The First Thing President Trump Should Do is Repeal NAFTA
Housing Bills Can't Stomp on Prevailing Wage
AB 1701 now on governor's desk
Does single payer work for workers? Yes ... Will it work in the United States? Yes
Welcome to the Disaster After the Tax Bill
Are employers crying wolf over labor shortage?
Don't give up on High Speed Rail
Everybody should agree on this one: Yes on Proposition 69


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