Hunter supports renewable energy bill

 July 14, 2017 - State Building and Construction Trades Council President Robbie Hunter gave a boost this week to the idea that California’s electricity future needs more renewable sources like the wind and sun.

Hunter delivered his support on Thursday when he addressed the Assembly Natural Resources Committee in favor of Senate Bill 100. The legislation would move up the requirement that utilities obtain 50 percent of their electricity from clean sources from 2030 to 2026.“The industry is ready and waiting,” Hunter said, according to San Diego radio station KPBS. “The workforce is ready and waiting. All we need is SB 100.” The bill cleared the committee and is now headed to the full Assembly before it goes to Gov. Jerry Brown for his signature.

Besides moving up the timetable on clean energy sources by four years, it also would require utilities to get 60 percent of their electricity from them by 2030.  Increasing renewable energy production will mean tens of thousands of jobs for union workers and new apprenticeship programs for young Californians, Hunter said.  “Now we are building renewable plants: solar, wind, geothermal and biomass,” he told the committee.

SB 100 also allows for expanded hydropower and nuclear energy production.

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