Union calls for single-payer advocates to “tone down” attacks on Rendon

June 28, 2017 - Robbie Hunter, the president of the State Building and Construction Trades Council, which represents over 400,000 construction workers in California, released the following statement today:

 “Anthony Rendon is an effective leader who comes from a working class family and who is a defender of labor and working families. The attacks on him by proponents of single-payer healthcare and their allies are unfair, and they ignore his long-established record to expand healthcare access, protect workers’ rights, and advance sustainable environmental policies. In keeping the single payer bill in the Assembly Rules Committee, the Speaker has created time to address the issues related to single payer so that the bill passed by the state Senate can move forward successfully.

 “Workers are experiencing attacks from many directions.  Working people have real fights, and they are not with a labor champion like Anthony Rendon.

“The unfair and unwarranted attacks on him are distractions that undermine the real fight to defend and improve access to quality healthcare that are now pending in Congress.   Our state continues to advance the most progressive policies in the entire nation to protect the most vulnerable as well as working families. 

“We urge the advocates for single payer -- the only true reform in health care in the United States that will work -- to tone down the rhetoric and move forward with the necessary discussions to advance the goal of universal healthcare which we all believe in.  Instead of attacking Speaker Rendon, they should work with him and other legislative leaders to develop workable policies and to present ideas on how to finance them.”



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