Any Unions Doing Business With Benesys, Inc. Should Urge Them to Settle With Unions, Treat Employees

August 18, 2016 - The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is seeking and should receive the support of fellow unions in their dealings with Benesys, Inc. This company is a Health and Welfare and Pension Administrator that provides services to unions and takes union members’ money, while engaging in anti-union activities, using anti-union law firms (the notorious Littler firm), and denying their own employees reasonable benefits. As a result, a strike may be in the offing.

Any Building Trades affiliated unions that do business with Benesys should consider informing the company that it should change its ways, and move toward a reasonable fair settlement, or risk losing union-related business in the future.

If you have any dealings with Benesys, please review the attached letter from Teamsters International Vice President Rome A. Aloise and then determine what action you would find appropriate to support our brother Teamsters.


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