2015 Monthly Columns From President Robbie Hunter

Wall Street Gamblers Readying To Steal from Workers Again, With Help from Congress

January 2015 - We all remember all too well the terrible harm done to working men and women across America in the last decade by a great recession caused by a frenzy of deregulation of safeguards brought about by a Republican President and a Republican Congress at the bidding of banks, mortgage and insurance companies. (Read More)

Republican Wins Across the Country Means the War on Workers and Wages Intensifies

February 2015 - Despite the many legislative victories for working families in California the past few years, the war on workers around the country remains very much alive, and in fact is intensifying. (Read More)

Study Perfectly Illustrates Why Arguments Against Prevailing Wage are Illogical and Absurd

March 2015 - As in many states across the country, there is a vigorous debate underway right now in our neighboring state of Nevada over whether construction workers on public projects deserve to be paid the wage that prevails and is paid to the vast majority of construction workers in a state, whether it be on private or public projects (the prevailing wage). (Read More)

Underground Economy Harms Us All, So the Laws Battling it Should be Strongly Enforced

April 2015 - A California newspaper recently ran an opinion essay that perfectly illustrates the mindset we are up against when we fight for the best interests of California's working families. The writer complained about the California laws and regulations enacted to protect consumers, public agencies, taxpayers, workers and businesses from harm caused by the underground economy. (Read More)

The Real Legacy of Free Trade: Lost Jobs and Slashed Incomes

May 2015 - Former Michigan Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm likes to tell the story of her tenacious and determined, but ultimately unsuccessful effort a decade ago to try to keep a company called Electrolux from relocating its refrigerator manufacturing plant from the town of Greenville, Michigan, to Mexico to exploit cheaper labor. (Read More)

Despite Misinformation and Ongoing Attacks, PLAs Continue to Provide the Best Value

August 2015 - As you may have seen, I recently submitted a response to the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper to a highly misleading column they had published, berating the use of project labor agreements for school construction. (Read More)

As Texas Politicians Brag About Unregulated Texas, Workers Die and Families Suffer as a Result

September 2015 - We are fortunate to be living and working in California! As you've surely noticed in recent months and years, politicians from Texas love to brag about how much better their state is for big business than anyplace else, because of no annoying regulations or standards to protect the environment, consumers, and workers. (Read More)

Political Appeal of Bashing American Unions May Have Peaked

October 2015 - I was pleased, but not surprised, to read recently a Bureau of National Affairs news report that the relentless union-bashing we have seen for many years from right-wing politicians seems to be fading as an effective political tactic. (Read More)

Unity - SBCTC Achieves an Important String of Victories in 2015 Legislative Year

November 2015 - On the issues that matter most to California's Building Trades workers, the recently wrapped up 2015 legislative session was an exceptionally busy—and in the end, exceptionally productive—period of work. (Read More)

Columnist Perfectly Explains the Value of Unions to the Workers

December 2015 - I recently received from a Building Trades business manager this opinion column written in 2013 by author Edward McClelland and after reading it I decided I couldn't explain the issue better and that I would share it with as many of my Building Trades brothers and sisters as I could. (Read More)

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