Building Trades Involved in Partnership to Battle California's Underground Economy

June 16, 2015 - As part of our mission to protect the rights and interests of working families in California, the State Building and Construction Trades Council is working in partnership with state agencies to battle against the underground economy.

We are working together with the Labor Enforcement Task Force (LETF), a partnership of several state agencies working under the direction of the Department of Industrial Relations, to help make sure California businesses are not propping up the underground economy by cheating their workers, exposing them to unsafe working conditions, evading taxes, or undermining honest law-abiding businesses. Today, toward those goals, we met with officials from LETF.

Attached is a brochure describing the mission of LETF, the importance of its work, and how to contact LETF by phone or email to report unlawful business activities and violations of workers’ rights.

Business representatives and union leaders should all take a moment to review this brochure, be always cognizant of our partnership, and take an active role in assisting LETF in carrying out its important responsibilities on behalf of workers and the taxpayers of the state of California.

Click for a .pdf version of The brochure.

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