Urgent Action Needed Today: Tell Congress Members No on Fast Track

June 9, 2015 - Congress is planning to vote this Thursday, June 11, on the Fast Track Trans Pacific Partnership, the so-called free-trade agreement that threatens American workers’ jobs and livelihoods. A very close vote is expected and several members from California are still undecided. They need to hear from us now.

The California members listed below need to be contacted. Find the region that is nearest you and select that member. Call this number: 1-855-712-8441. (The number is the same for all members.) When asked to provide a zip code, use the one listed below for the Congress member you have selected. You will then be sent to that Representative’s voice mail to leave your message.

Here are the undecided members:


Area Represented

Zip Code


Rep. Doris Matsui

Sacramento Region



Rep. Jim Costa

Central Valley


Rep. Sam Farr

Central Coast



Rep. Susan Davis

San Diego



Tell them, “My name is _________________________.  No more sending our jobs overseas!  Vote NO on Fast Track!” Or you may use a similar message of your own.

These members need to hear from as many unions and workers as possible before Thursday’s vote. Please make the call now and ask your colleagues to do the same. Thank you for your vital activism.



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