2014 Monthly Columns From President Robbie Hunter

An Amazing 2013 - Let's Stay Tough & Unified for 2014's Challenges

January 2014 - In the Building Trades monthly columns here throughout 2013, we spoke often of the great power that unity brings to the Building Trades, how well that unity has served us here in California, and the great and real danger of losing all we've fought so hard for should we ever allow that unity to falter because of disagreements among ourselves. (Read More)

We Continue to Advocate Strongly for High Speed Rail

February 2014 - We got it right. We elected the right governor and the right legislative leaders. The days of gridlock are finished. Through their bold leadership and fiscal responsibility, we have erased our annual budget deficits, and now are running a surplus and the economy is once again creating jobs. (Read More)

Governor Brown Reverses Decades of Inaction on Water

March 2014 - California's water storage and delivery system is more than a half-century old. For decades, elected officials have ignored it, have not improved it, have not invested in it. For too long, our leaders did not take the necessary measures to ensure a reliable water supply for our growing state, for citizens, industry and agriculture in California. So today, here we are. (Read More)

Superintendent Tom Torlakson has Earned, and Needs, the Support of the Building Trades

April 2014 - The tenacious and overwhelming unity of California's Building Trades unions and workers during the past few election cycles has served us well, resulting in the elections of state officials who care deeply for working families, and who enact policies that reflect that concern. (Read More)

Speaker John A. PĂ©rez is the Building Trades' Clear Choice for State Controller

May 2014 - Last year in this space I told of a "Tale of Two States," how Michigan workers have paid a horrible price for allowing anti-worker Republicans to capture their government, while Californians have elected good pro-worker leaders, and as a result, we are making great progress. (Read More)

Before There Were Unions, Workers Lived Desperate, Dangerous, Impoverished Lives

June 2014 - Every now and then, to fully appreciate where we are, what we have accomplished, and where we are headed, it is useful to take a look back at where we have been. (Read More)

Unions Belong to Us All

July 2014 - Lately I've been studying the words of labor figures of past times who had the greatest success at achieving results that improved the quality of life for working people and their families. Without a doubt, there is a constant theme in their words and their approach. (Read More)

Can We Learn from the Success of Germany's Working People?

August 2014 - Some time ago, I realized that I was hearing and reading lots of news about Germany, its surging economy, its incredibly productive work force, and the vastly improved quality of life of its working people. During tough times for American workers, German workers were doing better than ever. Why? I wanted to know more. What can we learn from the success of Germany's working people to help our own workers do better? (Read More)

Building Trades' Recent Victories Are Just The Latest Chapter in a Long, Ongoing Saga

September 2014 - Our never-ending battle for a decent quality of life for workers that commenced so long ago continues on today and into the future, and as we enjoy our recent triumphs, it is worth reflecting on our greatest achievements from the past, and how our united efforts continue to win great results, then and now. (Read More)

Political Participation Leads to a Better Life for Workers

October 2014 - We have just wrapped up another outstanding legislative session for working families in California, and now we focus on earning more favorable outcomes in the November 4 election. (Read More)

Building Trades Apprenticeships are a Pathway to Success that Benefits All Californians

November 2014 - Through our Trades' apprenticeship programs, we are able to make a positive difference in the lives of tens of thousands of young people, including those about to graduate from high school, not bound for university educations, but who have great opportunities to learn the skills and abilities to make them valuable contributors to the economy of California and a better quality of life. (Read More)

Workers' Pennies Drive Historic Building Trades Legislation

December 2014 - You may have seen a bulletin the State Building and Construction Trades Council recently issued describing the wave of charter cities rushing to enact prevailing wage laws in order to be eligible for state construction funds. (Read More)

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