Michigan Republicans Make Ending Prevailing Wage Top Priority

January 22, 2015 - Despite the many legislative victories for working families in California the past few years, the war on workers around the country remains very much alive.

Recent news reports from Michigan quote Republican state legislators there as saying that ending the state’s long history of paying prevailing wage to construction workers will be their top priority this year. They repeat the false claims that prevailing wage makes projects more expensive, while ignoring the higher productivity and superior quality workmanship prevailing wage brings.

Hundreds of bills are introduced each year in Michigan, but the very first bill of this year, Senate Bill 1, contains these Republicans’ top priority: slashing workers’ paychecks by taking away the prevailing wage.

Interestingly, Republican Governor Rick Snyder is quoted as saying he supports prevailing wage and is not interested in repealing it. But this is the same Rick Snyder who two years ago denied interest in passing a right-to-work law, but when one reached him, immediately signed it, denying workers of their long-held rights to unionize and bargain collectively.

This should serve as a reminder to California construction workers that if we ever relax our united, tenacious efforts on behalf of working families, our enemies will surely make us pay.

Here are some links to stories about the prevailing wage repeal effort in Michigan:




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