State Supreme Court Removes Final Legal Hurdle to High Speed Rail

October 15, 2014 - The California Supreme Court today ended a lengthy legal challenge that has delayed the construction of California’s High Speed Rail system, by declining to consider an appeal to an August Court of Appeals decision that ruled the High Speed Rail financing plan was valid and proper.  With the Supreme Court’s denial, the Court of Appeals’ favorable ruling becomes the final word on the matter, clearing the way for the issuance of bonds and the commencement of construction under a statewide project labor agreement with the State Building Trades.

The Court of Appeals, in a unanimous 3-0 vote, rejected opponents’ contention that the funding plan conflicted with voter-approved Proposition 1-A from 2008, ruling that authorization for the bonds had “existed, happened, and been performed in the time, form, and manner required by law.”

That ruling agreed with an extensive brief filed by the State Building and Construction Trades Council in support of the High Speed Rail Authority.

SBCTC President Robbie Hunter commented: “This would not have happened without the determination and leadership of Governor Jerry Brown. This is the final word; the financing plan is consistent with the voters’ decision to move ahead with High Speed Rail, and California will lead the nation with the first project that will begin a system of High Speed Rail across the nation. It’s time to get to work. California and the nation need this major upgrade to our transportation system, the economic boost, the creation of thousands of good union construction jobs, and the considerable environmental benefits High Speed Rail will bring us.”


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