Building Trades Efforts Help Send Water Bond to November Ballot

August 15, 2014 - A widespread advocacy effort by local Building Trades unions and councils helped make the decisive difference this week as the Legislature and Governor Jerry Brown agreed on the terms of a $7.5 billion water bond to go before California’s voters in this November’s election.

The final bond was a compromise between a wide array of interest groups, geographical areas, and political parties, and was ultimately passed by overwhelming majorities in the Legislature and then signed by the Governor. It is the culmination of a lengthy and difficult process, but was necessary to replace a bond issue previously placed on the ballot that was considered flawed, with an improved measure that has a much stronger chance of passage. It will provide crucial funding for new water storage, regional projects, groundwater cleanup and management, recycling projects, and delta restoration and protection.

The bond is a top priority for the Building Trades because a dependable and modernized statewide water system is absolutely necessary for new construction projects to move forward. The bond itself will create tens of thousands of construction jobs, and will also facilitate many more new projects which will consequently move forward.

SBCTC President Robbie Hunter commented: “Improving our water system is mandatory to growing our economy and creating good new construction jobs for Building Trades union members. Local Building Trades unions throughout California made sure their representatives heard and understood that message, and it made the difference. Now we must work together to win voter approval in November.”


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