$372 Million Made Available Statewide for School Construction and Modernization Projects

April 16, 2014 -  The State Allocation Board (SAB) recently allocated more than $372 million in bond funds for 105 school construction and modernization projects across 43 school districts in California. The Board announced that the funds would be allocated to the districts within 90 days, so that construction projects can move forward as quickly as possible.

"These additional resources can go a long way toward creating facilities that meet today's needs and, in the process, help our schools save money and put Californians to work," State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson said. "Our students deserve every opportunity to learn in schools that are designed for the 21st century."

California Building Trades Council President Robbie Hunter commented: "These funds will provide thousands of jobs for Building Trades workers, as they require matching funds from local bonds. We must continue to work with the Legislature to ensure the state places another school bond on the upcoming November ballot for this program to continue."

A link to a list of the school districts receiving the funds and of the funded projects (contained within the SAB agenda) is included in a press release from the Superintendent's office. The press release is here:


A link to the SAB announcement, also containing a link to the list, is here:






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