SBCTC Legislation to Protect PLAs is Working

July 25, 2013 - ABC is Noticing and Reporting our Success.  In a recent communication to its members, the anti-union lobbying group Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), through their operative Kevin Dayton, reported on the effectiveness of SBCTC legislation to ensure cities and counties remain free to consider PLAs for their public works projects. State Building Trades’ sponsored Senate Bill 922 from 2011 and Senate Bill 829 from 2012 prohibit cities and counties from imposing blanket prohibitions on PLAs in order to qualify for state funding.

In its report, ABC complains that the State Water Resources Control Board is implementing those requirements as a condition of funding for a water project for the city of Stockton. The Board’s funding conditions include a requirement that counsel for the city confirm that: “There is no provision or other legal impediment to the City’s authority or discretion to adopt, require, or utilize a project labor agreement that includes the taxpayer protection provisions of section 2500 of the California Public Contract Code.”

In the same communication, ABC also resentfully notes the Building Trades Councils’ success in defeating local charter measures intended to create exemptions from paying prevailing wage, acknowledging that “the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California and its member unions and allied organizations helped convince voters in Costa Mesa, Escondido, and Grover Beach to reject proposed charters on the November 2012 ballot.”

This latest ABC communication is really a resounding – if backhanded – acknowledgement of the great results won by the united efforts of the State Building Trades, local councils, affiliates and working people in advancing our pro-worker causes. Your continuing support and input is responsible for this success, and is appreciated and needed as we move forward.

See the entire ABC communication here:

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