SBCTC's Prevailing Wage Bill Convincingly Passes State Senate

May 28, 2013 - Greater than Two-Thirds Margin!  Senate Bill 7, the legislation sponsored by the State Building Trades to provide incentives to charter cities to pay prevailing wage on municipal projects in order to receive state funding, was approved Wednesday by the full Senate, on a 28-10 vote. The bipartisan legislation is authored by Democratic Senate president pro tem Darrell Steinberg of Sacramento and Republican Senator Anthony Cannella of Ceres. Cannella joined 27 Democratic Senators in support of the bill, while nine Republicans and one Democrat voted against it. SB 7 now moves to the Assembly. The measure passed by a greater than two-thirds margin.

In his floor speech in support of the bill, Senator Cannella stated that he knows first-hand from his background as a civil engineer and former mayor the value of paying prevailing wage. “Prevailing wage attracts the most efficient, highly skilled, best-trained streamlined workforce that provides the best value on construction projects. It provides apprenticeships to train the next generation of skilled craft workers,” Cannella said. “There is no question that prevailing wage provides the greatest long-term value.”

SBCTC Legislative Director Cesar Diaz stated that most Senators agreed with our arguments that prevailing wage ensures local workers access to good jobs on public works projects, and that the state can rightfully use the power of its purse strings to encourage cities to support a strong economy by paying the prevailing wage.

Please CLICK HERE to see the floor alert that went to every Democratic Senator before the vote, followed by the roll call vote.Please express thanks to your local Senators who supported the bill. If any of your local Senators voted against this bill, please contact them to express your concern.

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