ABC Communication Shows Worry About SBCTC Bill to Defund Sham Compliance Committees

May 16, 2013 - In the latest communication to its members, Associated Builders and Contractors (“ABC”) the anti-union lobbying group, is showing fear about the prospects of SB 776, the State Building Trades bill to stop them from deducting money from workers’ paychecks to fund sham labor compliance committees. In actuality, these moneys are being used to undermine these very workers, attack prevailing wage and fund ABC’s anti-union activities.  The bill passed the Senate last week on a 24-10 vote.

By complaining about the efficiency with which the bill passed, the communication from executive director John Loudon actually commends SBCTC’s legislative advocates’ effective efforts. Additionally, Loudon comments on the State Building Trades’ effective efforts to protect prevailing wage in charter cities through SB 7 by defunding charter cities that remove prevailing wage within their charters.  You can read the entire May communication from Loudon to ABC members by clicking here.

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