Broad Coalition Defends CEQA; Building Trades Members Lobby Legislature

March 14, 2013 - A wide coalition of groups at the state Capitol this week announced the formation of a new united coalition in support of maintaining California’s landmark environmental protection law, the California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA.

Members of the coalition, Common Ground, appeared at a Capitol press conference. They include the State Building Trades, the California Labor Federation, environmental groups including the League of Conservation Voters and the Natural Resources Defense Council, Public Health organizations including the California Nurses Association, tribal officials and elected officials.

Distributed at the press event was Dr. Peter Phillips’ study, “The Economic and Environmental Impact of the California Environmental Quality Act,” which concludes that CEQA has provided tremendous environmental benefits to California, while still serving to facilitate economic growth and construction work. Here is a link to Dr. Phillips’ CEQA study: The study was commissioned by the California Construction Industry Labor Management Cooperation Trust.

More than 80 members of the State Building Trades and other groups then made visits to state legislators to distribute the study and make the case for preserving CEQA.

State Building Trades President Robbie Hunter said CEQA has served working people well, and deregulation hasn’t. “It is always the everyday worker, the worker who works every day to make ends meet, who is stuck picking up the tab for deregulation. We firmly oppose any deregulation of CEQA.”

President Hunter said the local councils, unions, and their leaders who participated made the event successful. He expressed thanks to all the Ironworkers, Teamsters, Sheet Metal Workers, Plumbers and Pipefitters, Electricians, Laborers, Boilermakers, Plasterers, and Cement Masons who showed their support, along with local council leaders Bill Nack, John Spaulding, Jon Riley, Julie Lind, Izaak Velez, Jack Buckhorn, Tom Lemmon, Ron Miller,

Michael Mowrey, Bill Scott, Greg Feere, Tom Baca, and Bob Balgenorth, chair of the California Construction Industry Labor Management Cooperation Trust.

For your further use, click here for a document from Common Ground that shows that contrary to big business claims, CEQA is not producing excessive lawsuits that deter construction projects, CEQA is not deterring infill construction, and that with CEQA, solar power construction is booming in California.



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