Building Trades Endorses Governor's State of the State Message

January 24, 2013 - SBCTC President Robbie Hunter issued the following statement today following Governor Jerry Brown’s State of the State speech. 

“Governor Brown’s State of the State speech showed wisdom and foresight, and an exciting vision for our future. We support his call to spend our tax dollars wisely and efficiently. Building Trades workers applaud his intelligent assessment of the vital need to rebuild California’s infrastructure. We are eager to get to work improving our state’s water system, breaking ground on our landmark high speed rail system, and retrofitting existing buildings for energy efficiency. The Governor once again projected his fundamental understanding of the critical need to replace, rebuild and build new public infrastructure, to improve the quality of life and education of California’s citizens. The infrastructure construction itself is a dynamo that drives the California economy. These projects are constructed by private construction and engineering companies who competitively bid for projects and who employ California residents.  Governor Brown noted the amazing accomplishments of united workers. We are ready to prove him right again.”



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