School Bonds, Potential Future PLAs, on Ballots Around California

November 5, 2012 - Throughout this campaign season we’ve been stressing the importance of passing Propositions 30 and 39, and soundly defeating Proposition 32. We repeat those messages here one more time: Propositions 30 and 39 raise needed state revenue that will support job-creating public works projects, and Proposition 32 is a cynical, dishonest measure to rob working people of their political voice. If you haven’t already, vote, and get your friends and colleagues to vote: Yes on 30, Yes on 39, and No on 32.

We also want to call your attention to school bond measures in local school districts around the state. There are 99 local bond measures with a combined value of $11.6 billion, enough to finance many thousands of good construction jobs.

Please review the list by clicking here to find school bond measures in your region. The list shows the school district, the county or counties where it is located, the amount of the bond, and the ballot measure designation. Each school bond measure that passes is an opportunity to craft good PLAs with the school districts for construction work in the future.

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