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Everybody should agree on this one: Yes on Proposition 69

April 2018 - If California ever had a ballot measure that everybody in the state should be able to support, it's Proposition 69 on the June 5 primary ballot. (Read More)

Don't give up on High Speed Rail

March 2018 - A number of years ago, I went to Germany with some California elected officials to study the German electric grid and the use of wind, gas and solar. At that time, I had numerous opportunities to travel on high speed rail. I remember well going into a massive train station in Bavaria. There were between 25 and 30 platforms for trains, each of them silently coming in for a landing, others without a sound leaving the station and disappearing in a matter of seconds into the distance. Thousands of commuters entered and departed the station in an efficiency that would put our airports to shame. (Read More)

Are employers crying wolf over labor shortage?

February 2018 - Since the first of the year, some contractor and building industry associations have peddled a story that the state of California has fallen into the ravages of a construction labor shortage. But, is this really true? (Read More)

Welcome to the Disaster After the Tax Bill

Dec. 19, 2017 -- Welcome to the new Gilded Age, where the inheritors of wealth will inherit more, where the 1 percent will grab a bigger piece of the national economic pie, where companies out to crush unions will thrive and have every law in their favor like never before, and where the earned benefits that have provided working people with a late-in-life cushion against poverty will soon disappear. (Read More)

Does single payer work for workers? Yes ... Will it work in the United States? Yes

November 2017 - In 1979, I had been in America almost a year. I finally spoke to my mother in Ireland and I told her I was in Los Angeles and found work and would soon have health care insurance. She went quiet for a moment. Then she asked me, “What do insurance companies have to do with health care?” (Read More)

AB 1701 now on governor's desk

Oct. 9, 2017 - With Assembly Bill 1701 sitting on Gov. Jerry Brown's desk, State Building and Construction Trades Council President Robbie Hunter has helped make the case for signing the bill that seeks to end wage theft in California. (Read More)

Housing Bills Can't Stomp on Prevailing Wage

July 2017 - At long last, it looks like California lawmakers are getting serious about the state's housing crisis. At the same time, it's crucial that legislators in Sacramento watch out for developers going on the attack against the blue-collar construction workers who are suffering like millions of other less-than-wealthy Californians who are paying more and more every year to put a roof over their heads. (Read More)

The First Thing President Trump Should Do is Repeal NAFTA

January 2017 - During his recent campaign, Donald Trump suggested that if he were elected, he would get rid of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), at one point calling it "the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere." I agree with him. (Read More)

Building Trades' Mission to Improve Workers' Quality of Life Continues in 2017

February 2017 - As we begin 2017, preparing to continue the long and never-ending quest to maintain and improve the financial well-being and quality of life for California's Building Trades workers and their families, it is an appropriate time to reflect on our history of struggles and accomplishments. (Read More)

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