We Must Pass Proposition 30 to Protect Job Creating Public Works Projects

October 25, 2012 - With our determined opposition to Proposition 32, which we must defeat, Building Trades Workers must also spread the word that it is vital to our future to pass Proposition 30, the Governor’s revenue plan that implements an income tax increase on the wealthiest Californians in addition to a small uptick in the sales tax.

Most of the focus on Proposition 30 is that the new revenue is necessary to adequately fund schools and avoid sharp fee increases at our public universities.

That’s true, but we must also consider the effect on investment in public works projects that create good Building Trades jobs.  If Proposition 30 fails, and the state begins implementing cuts to schools, the political debate on funding for other things will immediately become much more hostile. Faced with decisions to shutter schools and cut the school year, lawmakers will become much more hesitant to approve funding for the infrastructure that we want to build (transportation, water, high speed rail, school construction, hospital construction, levee repair, and so on). Additionally, the state’s higher debt ratio would jeopardize future bond issues.

Our future jobs and livelihoods are very much on the line. We must approve Governor Brown’s revenue measure. Polls are showing it will take a determined effort to win this race.

Spread the word today: Yes on 30!

(For more information, visit www.yesonprop30.com.)



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