ABC Contributing Money to Yes on 32 Campaign to Silence Union Workers

October 23, 2012 - Campaign spending reports from the Secretary of State’s office show that ABC is spending money to pass Proposition 32. ABC’s financial support is proof positive that if it passes, Proposition 32 will silence workers in the political arena, opening the door for anti-worker forces to come after our jobs and incomes without opposition.

According to the latest reports, ABC Central California Chapter contributed $4,800 to the Yes on 32 campaign, and ABC Northern California Chapter has added $1,000.

In a press release endorsing 32 earlier this month, ABC repeated the dishonest and discredited propaganda that it would apply equally to unions and corporations. But every analysis of the measure by journalists and real reform groups like the League of Women Voters and Common Cause has reached the opposite conclusion, that Proposition 32 would cripple workers and unions and have no effect on corporate and other big business political spending.

Don’t let ABC get away with this! Keep spreading the word to friends, neighbors and colleagues that it is imperative that working people decisively defeat Proposition 32!


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