Governor Approves Tribal Casino Projects in Madera, Yuba Counties

August 31, 2012 - Thousands of Construction Jobs Created - Governor Jerry Brown announced today that he has concurred with the U.S. Department of Interior's decisions to allow the development of two tribal casinos: the Enterprise Rancheria in Yuba County and the North Fork Rancheria in Madera County.  The Governor's concurrence clears the way for construction of the facilities, leading to the creation of 4,400 construction jobs, 4,700 ongoing operational jobs, and $550 million in privately funded construction development.

The Building Trades strongly urged the Governor to take this action. “Both projects will provide enormous economic benefits to workers, tribal citizens, communities of the Central Valley, and the State of California. They are the only projects on the horizon that will provide a sizeable economic benefit to their regions and serve as anchors for future investment, development, and construction,” we wrote the Governor.

The projects will create good jobs in areas that now have some of the highest unemployment rates in the states, 18.1% in Yuba County and 15.5% in Madera. The projects are important tools for the tribal communities to achieve economic self-sufficiency.


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