California Democratic Party Opposes Proposition 32

July 31, 2012 - Thousands of Volunteers Will Spread the Truth- At its convention in Anaheim last weekend, the California Democratic Party voted to oppose Proposition 32, the special exemptions measure, on the November ballot. The party will make its resources and volunteers available to help workers fight the measure. Proposition 32 is an effort to silence workers at the polls by eliminating the right of unions to contribute to political campaigns. In an effort to make Proposition 32 appear more populist than it is, it also contains meaningless provisions purporting to restrict corporate spending, that actually do nothing of the sort.

Party Chairman John Burton said of the endorsement: “We have a real fight on our hands in California this year but Democrats are prepared to dig deep and work hard to win. If Prop. 32 were to pass, it would effectively silence the voice of working families at the ballot box while giving corporate interests and billionaire businessmen free reign to exert even more influence on our political system. We’re not going to let that happen.”

The party also lent its support to Proposition 30, Governor Brown’s tax measure; and opposed Proposition 38, the Munger tax initiative.

Here are all of the party’s endorsements for November ballot measures:

Proposition 30: protects funds for schools and public safety: YES

Proposition 31: locks in underfunding of education and vital services: NO

Proposition 32: Special exemptions for billionaires and Super PACs: NO

Proposition 33: Auto insurance rate hike: NO

Proposition 34: Death penalty repeal: YES

Proposition 35: Increases penalties for human trafficking: YES

Proposition 36: Reforms three strikes law: YES

Proposition 37: Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods: YES

Proposition 38: Munger Initiative: NO

Proposition 39: Multi-State taxes for corporations: NEUTRAL

Proposition 40: Referendum on Senate districts: YES


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