Urge Your Local Officials to Endorse The “No on 32” Campaign

August 2, 2012 - Urgent Action Needed Now -  All affiliates and local Building Trades Councils are urged to engage with your local officials – city council members, county supervisors, school board members, special district officials, etc. – and urge them to endorse the No on Proposition 32 campaign.

Polling shows that voters trust local officials more than they do state or federal representatives. Therefore, endorsements from local officials on ballot measure campaigns carry considerable weight in swaying local voters.

On August 1, the West Contra Costa Unified School District became the first school board in the state to officially oppose Proposition 32. Please encourage your local governments and school districts to do the same. A copy of the West Contra Costa resolution can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Please take the following steps:

In your regular contacts with local officials, please explain the importance of defeating Proposition 32 and ask for their support.

Ask them to sign an endorsement form and then hand it back to you. (Click HERE for the form.)

Then, please send their endorsement to the "No on 32" campaign and send a copy to the Building Trades, by email to [email protected] or fax 916-443-8204.


Please act quickly. To defeat this odious measure, we need to be swaying voters now.

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