Building Trades Strongly Opposes Prop. 32; Supports Prop 30

July 10, 2012 - Secretary of State Announces November Ballot Numbers

The Secretary of State’s Office has announced the ballot measure numbers for the 11 propositions that will appear on California’s November 6 ballot, including one measure that the Building Trades supports and one that we strongly oppose.

We strongly oppose Proposition 32, which we call the “Special Exemptions” measure. It would prohibit contributions to political campaigns with funds raised through payroll deductions. This would silence the voices of union workers, and impose no restrictions at all on corporate interests, because corporations don’t use payroll deductions. Proposition 32 is a direct assault on the political rights of workers and it is imperative that we defeat it.

We support Proposition 30, Governor Jerry Brown’s temporary tax measure, which would raise $8.5 billion annually in needed revenue through a quarter-cent sales tax increase and an income tax increase on the wealthiest Californians. The measure is necessary to ensure adequate funding for schools and public safety, as well as for job-creating public works projects.

We have yet to take a position on the remaining measures.

All of the measures are listed below.  A more thorough description of each of them is available at:


November Ballot Measures

Proposition 30 Temporary taxes to fund education and public safety.  

Proposition 31 Two-year state budget cycle. Limits certain expenditures.

Proposition 32 Prohibits political contributions by payroll deduction. 

Proposition 33 Allows auto insurance companies to set prices based on coverage history.

Proposition 34 Death penalty repeal.

Proposition 35 Human trafficking. Penalties. Sex offender registration.

Proposition 36 Three strikes law. Sentencing for repeat felony offenders.

Proposition 37 Genetically engineered foods. Mandatory labeling.  

Proposition 38 Tax for education and early childhood programs.  

Proposition 39 Tax treatment for multistate businesses. Energy efficiency funding.

Proposition 40 Redistricting. State Senate Districts. Referendum.

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