Senate Allocates $8 Billion to Start Work on High Speed Rail

July 6, 2012 - Thousands of Construction Jobs Coming!  In an action that will create thousands of jobs, jumpstart the economy, modernize and upgrade transportation in California, and provide great benefits to the state’s environmental quality, the Legislature today gave final approval to plans to invest $8 billion to begin building a High Speed Rail system.

The Senate voted 21-16 in favor of the allocation, a day after the Assembly voted 51-27 to do so. Every Republican in both houses opposed the job-creating measure.

The action this week also protects California’s receipt of $3.3 billion in federal funds for the project, which were threatened to be withdrawn if state’s commitment to proceed was not forthcoming this week.

Supporters point out that every $1 billion in infrastructure produces a $1.5 billion effect in gross domestic product, and creates between 15,000 to 20,000 new jobs, which means upwards of 100,000 construction jobs are coming.

California’s high speed rail model will link Los Angeles and the Bay Area through the Central Valley, and ultimately extend to San Diego and Sacramento. It is based on successful plans implemented in Europe and Asia, where for high speed rail has become the transportation mode of choice between population centers 100 to 500 miles apart, fitting California perfectly.

This is is the culmination of a long team effort by unified coalition of supporters, including the advocates for organized labor.


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