Free SBCTC Safety Training Available to Affiliates and JATCs

June 6, 2012 - In the high hazard world of construction there can never be enough safety training.  For new apprentice and seasoned journeymen alike, knowledge of safety can mean the difference between coming home to their family and becoming a sad statistic.  While the fatal accidents may make the headlines, we also want to protect union workers from chronic pain and cumulative injuries that cut careers short and diminish their quality of life.

The SBCTC currently has two Hazard Awareness Seminars available on the leading causes of non-fatal and fatal injuries in construction:

Preventing Sprains, Strains and Repetitive Motion Injuries

Focus Four Hazards: Falls, Electrocutions, Struck-by and Caught-In.

A grant from federal OSHA enables us to bring these to you at no cost through September 2012.  See the attached flyers for more information on each class.

Here’s how it works.

1.     You organize when and where to have the class (appropriate for union meetings, apprenticeship and journeyman upgrade classes, conference workshops, joint labor/management safety committees, etc.).

2.     Decide how long you want the class to be (minimum 2-hour, maximum 4-hour).

3.     Contact Laura Boatman, Project Coordinator at 916-443-3302 or lboatman@sbctc.orgto schedule.

4.     Recruit participants (must guarantee a minimum of 15 people; there is no maximum).

Call soon to take advantage of one or both of these classes.


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