Election Activism and SB 922 Convince Board Palmdale Water District Reverses PLA Ban!

May 4, 2012 - Following the passage of SB 922 and a united grassroots election effort to replace an anti-union incumbent with a more worker-friendly candidate, the Palmdale Water District Board of Directors voted recently to reverse its two-year old ban on PLAs.

A sharply divided board voted 3-2 in 2010 to enact a blanket ban on PLAs following an intense lobbying and propaganda effort by ABC.  Thanks to an aggressive grassroots campaign led by the Los Angeles/Orange County Building Trades Council and area union locals, anti-worker incumbent Raul Figueroa was defeated for re-election by UFCW member Kathy McLaren, creating a pro-worker majority on the board.

Then, the passage of SB 922 last year made clear that the district would lose state funding for its local projects unless it reversed its ban.  When Palmdale workers took that message to the board, even board members who had previously supported the ban saw the issue differently, and joined in a unanimous 5-0 vote to repeal it.

This outcome is a textbook example of how local grassroots activism combined with effective legislative advocacy at the state level can lead to important victories for working people.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone whose efforts made it happen. 


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