SBCTC-Led Coalition Asks Legislature to Preserve Court Construction Funding

In a letter to members of the State Legislature, a coalition led by the Building Trades urges lawmakers not to divert funding intended to replace and renovate courthouses in desperate need of repair to other purposes, warning of “dire consequences for the projects, the public, and the economy.”

The letter states that since 2009, more than $1.1 billion in court construction funding has been borrowed or redirected. Further diversions would result in the delay or cancellation of critical courthouse projects, exposing court personnel and the public to security risks and hazardous conditions.

Additionally, the letter continues, the diversion would stop the creation of badly needed construction jobs, while proceeding with the projects would generate jobs, spur economic growth, and increase state tax revenues.

For more information about specific projects, contact Jim Stephenson at the Office of Courthouse Construction and Management, Manager, Design and Construction Services at 916-263-8198, or [email protected]. He has been designated as the contact person for local building trades councils and affiliates for these projects.

Attached are the letter and a roster of coalition members. A detailed description of individual projects, listed by county, can be found here.


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