SB 829 - Bill Protecting PLAs Approved By Assembly Appropriations Committee

March 28, 2012 - An important Building Trades backed bill that specifically clarifies that local governments that enact a blanket ban on PLAs for public works projects may not receive any state funding for construction, was approved today by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.  All 12 Democrats on the committee supported SB 829, and all five Republicans opposed it.  The bill next moves to the Assembly floor.

Last year, the Legislature passed and Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 922, which disqualified local governments from state funding if they banned PLAs.  However, ABC’s attorneys are creatively arguing that the language of the law allows for certain exemptions.  It does not, but the language of SB 829 will make it absolutely clear that no construction funding from the state will go to any local entity that elects to establish a ban on PLAs for local projects.

SBCTC Legislative Director Cesar Diaz said the bill eliminates any lack of clarity regarding PLA bans, and makes it crystal clear that local governments must remain free to consider whether to use PLAs if they are to receive state funding for construction projects. 


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