Prevailing Wages

Right the Frist Time

The prevailing wage has been in California law for more than 80 years. This short video, produced by the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California, shows how paying prevailing wages supports our cities, counties, and the economy of our state by providing a trained and ready workforce that gets the job done right the first time. The video features two key stories: (1) How paying prevailing wage enabled CalTrans and Granite Construction to rebuild and reopen a fallen bridge on the I-10 in record time; and (2) How two library projects, in Gilroy and Palo Alto, where one paid the prevailing wage and the other didn't; see the vastly different results. (Revised in 2016) (Read More)

Unnatural Disaster

When a freeway collapsed after the 1994 LA earthquake, trained workers were on the ready to rebuild it in record time-in part, due to the Prevailing Wage. This video makes the economic argument for why prevailing wages provide a highly trained and available construction workforce and are a benefit for local economies, and shows how, in Utah, after the prevailing wage was repealed, the state did not save money as it expected to and construction workplaces got more dangerous. (Produced in 1997) (Read More)

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