SBCTC Offers New Safety Classes For 2012

January 18, 2012 - Our popular Focus on Safety program continues with an all new Train-the-Trainer course on how to Prevent Sprains, Strains and Repetitive Motion Injuries in Construction. The classes will be held in Sacramento, March 14-15; San Jose, March 28-29; and Santa Ana, April 11-12.

Every construction worker knows first-hand how much this physical work impacts their body.  Journeymen and apprentices all too often “tough-out” aches, pains, fatigue and overexertion saying, “It’s just part of the job.”  In the short term, a healthy worker may be able to endure the stresses of heavy lifting, doing the same tasks over and over, working in awkward postures and the fast pace of today’s construction world. But, in the long term, these work activities break down the body and often result in injuries and chronic pain that diminishes quality of life and shortens careers.

Musculoskeletal injuries account for almost 28% of all workplace injuries and affect all trades. They also cost businesses billions of dollars each year in direct and indirect costs.

Click to see the flyer and application form for more information.

This FREE 2-day course, sponsored by our grant from federal OSHA, helps you understand the root cause of injuries, assess risk factors, learn effective control strategies and gain insights in how to train workers and protect them from the debilitating effects of these injuries.

SPACE IS LIMITED—Registration is first come-first served so sign up early for a session near you.

This is a class for trainers; qualified applicants must be able to use the course information to train others in the construction industry.

For more information contact:  Laura Boatman, Project Coordinator at 916-443-3302 or email [email protected]

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