SBCTC Legislative Advocacy Helps Kill Bill to End High Speed Rail Funding

January 10, 2012 - Testimony from Building Trades legislative advocates helped kill legislation in a Senate Committee today that would have stopped future state funding of the California High Speed Rail Project.  The Senate Transportation and Housing Committee defeated SB 22 by Senator Doug LaMalfa on a party line vote, with Republicans in favor and Democrats opposed.

“This is one of the few projects in the state that lawmakers can support that will actually create jobs in this state,” testified SBCTC Deputy Legislative Director Jeremy Smith.  “To stop moving forward in this economic climate is the wrong thing to do.  California will need high speed rail in the future.  We need the jobs now.”  SB 22 would have stopped thousands of good construction jobs from being created in the near future, he stated.

The Building Trades will continue to strongly advocate moving forward with High Speed Rail, with the goal of beginning construction and creating construction jobs on the first phase of the project later this year. 

The project is now at a critical stage in the political process, and opposition has been growing. Other Republican legislators are also introducing bills to stop the High Speed Rail project.  We will be asking affiliates to engage the Legislature with letters of support for funding for the project in the budget within the next few months.  Your support will be crucial, particularly with Democratic legislators.  Please watch for those requests in the near future.

For more information, contact legislative advocates Cesar Diaz or Jeremy Smith, (916) 443-3302.

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