Reimbursement May Be Available to JATCs for OSHA Training

January 3, 2012 - Employment Training Panel (ETP) monies may be available to JATCs for providing OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 training.

Following is the ETP language About Their New Ruling:

Funding for OSHA 10/30 certificate training is now available from ETP through a single-employer or MEC contract. This training will be treated in the same manner as HazMAT, as an exception to the 10% limit on safety training, with an explanation of why this training is needed.  OSHA 10/30 will only be funded as part of a larger vocational training Curriculum.  It may be delivered as class/lab or CBT, and may be added to an active Curriculum by Modification so long as there is no increase in the approved amount of funding.

If your JATC currently has an ETP grant (on your own or through the State Building Trades/California Labor Fed Partnership), and you provide OSHA certification training, you may modify your contract to get reimbursed for this training.  If you were ever thinking about applying for ETP funding, here’s an opportunity to get reimbursed for even more of the training that you already provide.

Of course, with ETP, there are always a few caveats.  Your training program must still be a minimum of 24 hours, so your OSHA 10 training must be included in a larger training package.  Similarly, even if you’re doing an OSHA 30 course, you may need to tie it to craft subject matter training, as ETP doesn’t want to fund solely safety and health training,

For information about ETP and how to apply, call Debra Chaplan at the State Building and Construction Trades Council:  (510) 832-6450. 

For those who already have current ETP grants, contact Jan Borunda at (213) 219-2388 or Kelly Greer at (415) 235-9861 to learn how to modify your contract.

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