New DIR Unit to Monitor Labor Standards On Public Works Projects

December 14, 2011 - The Department of Industrial Relations is preparing to begin operations of its new Compliance Monitoring Unit (CMU) to ensure that pay, overtime, record-keeping and hours limitations are properly enforced on public works projects.

The new CMU begins operations January 1, 2012, and informational seminars and webinars about the operations of the CMU have been scheduled, with the first on Wednesday, January 4, at the Elihu Harris Building in Oakland.  A schedule of training seminars and webinars, along with additional information about the CMU, is available on line at

The new unit is the result of Building Trades sponsored legislation passed and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown earlier this year, and is being set up and promoted by the Governor’s newly appointed DIR Director, Christine Baker.  She, along with Labor Commissioner Julie Su, have pledged vigorous enforcement to ensure that public entities and contractors meet their obligations to workers. 

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