Memo Outlines How SB 922 Applies to Charter Cities

November 22, 2011 - Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law SB 922, Building Trades legislation to prohibit local bans on Project Labor Agreements.  The effect of SB 922 nullifies existing bans in counties, general law cities, and special districts.

Further, it will prohibit state funding for charter cities with existing bans on PLAs such as Chula Vista and Oceanside.  The new law will also impact the 2012 local initiative to ban PLAs in the city of San Diego and a potential initiative in the city and county of Sacramento.   

Some of our affiliates have asked for more detailed information on the applications of SB 922 to charter cities. As a result, our attorneys have researched the question further and provided the following memo.  This information may be useful for engaging local officials about the many benefits of using PLAs for their cities and counties and should be helpful for answering questions that local officials may have regarding SB 922. 

Memo - SB 922 -- Application to Charter Cities

Please contact Cesar Diaz, legislative director at 916-443-3302 if you would like further information.

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