Bridge Builders - The story behind the building and naming of the Al Zampa Bridge

In 2003, the longest suspension bridge in the U.S. since the Verrazano Narrows Bridge spanned the Hudson River nearly 40 years before, was completed. History was made when the bridge was named for a construction worker-Al Zampa-who, as an iron worker, had helped construct the original Carquinez Bridge, and had worked on the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge and every other bridge spanning the San Francisco Bay. Meet Al Zampa's son and grandsons, all iron workers, as well as numerous other workers who helped build the Al Zampa bridge. Runtime 8:44 (Read More)

Building the Century

Historical look at the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California. Runtime 7:51 (Read More)

Building Bridges

This video, produced for the 2008 State Building Trades Council's convention, takes a tour of the issues and the partnerships that the SBCTC have worked on and developed. From environmental and public health coalitions to political action around prevailing wages and project labor agreements, the Council has sought to improve the lives of its members and support a strong construction industry. (Read More)

Constructing California's Comeback

Over the past four years, the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California has confronted several challenges and won numerous successes. This short video gives a brief overview of the Building Trades recent history. (Runtime 5:05) (Read More)

Progress Through Labor - The Story of a Mural

Progress Through Labor, painted by Robert Rishell for the Alameda County Labor Temple in the late 1940s has found a home at the State Building and Construction Trade's Council Sacramento headquarters. See the mural, what it means, and how it got to be here. (Read More)

62nd Convention Roll-In

A lot has happened since Robbie Hunter took the reins of the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California in 2012. Get an overview of the last 3+ years. (Read More)

Videos from the 62nd Convention

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