SBCTC Awarded Federal OSHA Grant

October 5, 2011 - We are happy to announce that the SBCTC has been awarded a new Susan Harwood Grant from federal OSHA.   With first year funding of $185,000, this grant makes it possible for us to continue our existing training on the leading hazards causing fatalities in construction known as the “Focus Four,” and to begin work on developing new health and safety training programs for 2012.

Over the past 11 years the SBCTC has received multiple Harwood grants to deliver training on targeted topics chosen by federal OSHA.  These short-term grant programs have been highly successful, but have only allowed a narrow scope of work on specific topics.  This new grant award is significant in that it is a 4-year developmental grant intended to build the Council’s capacity to provide health and safety training and resources to our constituents.

We plan to use this funding to establish the SBCTC as a “hub” for construction safety, capitalizing on our training experience and building upon the curricula we have developed under previous projects.  This will include making resources and training available to our affiliates, union apprenticeship programs, and contractors and improving our website’s health and safety functionality.

Competing for this grant would not have been possible without the support of our affiliates, JATCs and local building trades councils.  We appreciate your participation and your endorsement of our programs and we look forward to serving your health and safety needs in a bigger way.  We are open to suggestions on topics of concern and ideas for how we can make the SBCTC “hub” work best for you.

 Contact Laura Boatman, Program Coordinator to share your thoughts at (916) 443-3302. 

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