Governor Signs SB 922 Local Bans on PLAs are Prohibited!

October 3, 2011Governor Jerry Brown on Sunday signed SB 922, the Building Trades backed bill to prohibit bans on Project Labor Agreements, authored by Senate President pro tem Darrell Steinberg and Assembly Speaker John Perez. This result nullifies existing PLA bans in counties, general law cities, and special districts; will prohibit state funding for charter cities with PLA bans (Chula Vista and Oceanside), while rendering potential 2012 ballot measures to ban them in the city of San Diego and city and county of Sacramento moot.

Significantly, the Governor included a message with his signature, chiding opponents for mischaracterizing the contents of SB 922. “Contrary to what opponents claim, this bill does not require any local government to adopt a PLA. In fact, this bill preserves the right of all sides to debate what obviously is a hotly contested issue. Seems fair to me – even democratic.”

Amazingly, the opposition continues to misrepresent the bill in their desperate efforts to promote their initiatives, which if successful would cause their local governments to lose millions of state dollars.

This legislation restores real “free and open” competition in bidding for local public works projects, by ensuring that city councils and boards of supervisors are free to consider all options to do their work most effectively and efficiently. Local Building Trades councils should take this opportunity to newly engage local officials on the many benefits from using PLAs for their cities and counties.

Heartfelt thanks are in order for the massive outreach that helped this good bill become law. Letters to legislators and the Governor were crucial, as were the communications to local officials to let their state leaders know the importance to them of being free to choose PLAs.

Thank you to everyone who was part of this important and successful effort!


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