SBCTC Victory for Labor Compliance Programs

Building Trades Wins Major Victory On Labor Compliance Programs for Education Bond

February 16, 2006 - The Building Trades scored a major legislative victory on a prevailing wage issue this week when the Assembly Education Committee voted unanimously to include a provision in an upcoming $10 billion school bond that will require school district construction projects built with bond money to have labor compliance programs (LCPs).

The unanimous vote by three Republicans and four Democrats on the committee, came after a thorough and convincing presentation on the need for LCPs by the SBCTC's legislative director, Jay Hansen.

If the LCP requirement is included in the language of the school construction bond, it will eliminate the need for separate enforcement legislation next year. In recent years, it was necessary to win passage of a bill to require school districts that use bond funds to set up an LCP.

LCPs are especially needed for school projects because the Legislature and the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement have found that in recent years school districts have had some of the worst wage compliance records in the public works field.

We will keep you informed on the progress of this important amendment to the bond measure.

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