Project Labor Agreements

Project Labor Agreement (PLA)

A Project Labor Agreement (PLA) is a type of pre-hire agreement designed to facilitate complex construction projects. Each PLA is negotiated and designed individually- tailored to meet the needs of a specific project owner/manager, and or community. By governing and establishing work rules, pay rates, and dispute resolution processes for every worker on the project, PLAs maximize project stability, efficiency and productivity. Moreover, PLAs help minimize the risks and inconvenience to the public that often accompany public work projects. (Read More)

An Introduction to Project Labor Agreements (PLA)

Project Labor Agreements (PLA's) are not new to California. The Shasta Dam, The Los Angeles' RT (Light Rapid Transit) system, the National Ignition Facility Project in Livermore, and the Metropolitan Water District's Eastside Reservoir are but a few of the major projects built in California through the use of PLA's. (Read More)

A Project Labor Agreement, The Only Guarantee for Local Workers

A PLA is the only way to guarantee that local workers and apprentices will be used. Project Labor Agreements guarantee that local hiring is a priority and set guidelines for hiring of local workers and apprentices first. It is an obligation of the contract. (Read More)

Studies on the Effects of PLAs

ABC's Sham Study Debunked Before it is Released

August 2011 - It looks like the anti-worker extremists at ABC have gotten too devious and underhanded for their own good. Recently, they paid one of those right-wing propaganda outfits with a deceptively neutral name to produce a study that would show the world that Project Labor Agreements increase the cost of school construction. (Read More)

Labor-Management Inform Local Governments Why PLAs Work

The California Construction Industry Labor Management Cooperation Trust has contacted every city mayor, councilmember and city manager; county supervisors and officials; along with school board members and school district officials, with a detailed letter explaining why it is in their best interest to use Project Labor Agreements on local construction projects. (Read More)

Video about Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) in Schools

View this compelling video on how Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) and Project Service Agreements (PSAs) have provided predicable success for local school districs and community college districs. By local participation contruction jobs and wages help local communities keep contruction dollars and pride within the local community. Real Stories from all sides of the Project Labor Agreements are shown in this video. (Read More)

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