SBCTC Health and Safety Programs - Protecting California's Construction Workforce

The dynamic, fast-paced action and big, bold scale of construction work, makes it an exciting career choice but these qualities also create safety challenges that we must overcome. Ask any construction worker and they’ll tell you a story about their own near miss or someone else’s accident or sadly, death on-the-job.  Indeed construction claims the notorious distinction of having the highest number of worker fatalities of any industry in the United States. Women and men in construction pride themselves on being hard-working, skilled professionals and many have come to accept danger and risk as just another “day at the office.”

 While this may be legitimate, we believe that every worker has the right to do a good job and go home to their family whole and unharmed at the end of the day.  Production and safety do not have to be mutually exclusive.  In an effort to be a leader in protecting California construction workers, the SBCTC has offered a range of health and safety training programs over the years to prevent traumatic injuries and fatalities, chronic illness, and cumulative disorders such as hearing loss and musculoskeletal injuries.  The SBCTC continues to make health and safety a top priority through policy, outreach and education programs.

Some of our topics have included:

 Construction Hazards Education Project--Effective Tailgate Training

 HUSH—Hearing Loss Prevention Program

 Focus on Safety—Preventing Fatalities from Focus Four Hazards

 Ergonomics Study Project

 BUILT—Smoking Cessation 

For additional information about any of the specific programs offered by the State Building and Construction Trades Council, call Laura Boatman at 916-443-3302.

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