Northern California Carpenters Agree to Building Trades PLA Terms

July 6, 2011 - In a significant step forward for the trades in Northern California working together for the benefit of everyone, the Northern California Carpenters Regional Council has agreed to become party to the Building and Construction Trades Councils’ PLAs. 

This ends a stalemate dating to 2009, when the Building Trades Governing Board approved a proposal to allow hearings pursuant to the Plan for the Settlement of Jurisdictional Disputes to be held before Plan arbitrators in California. At that time, the Carpenters did not agree to that language. After additional discussions, the Carpenters have now agreed to become party to the Building Trades’ PLAs and the 2009 jurisdictional dispute language. 

“This is a significant development that will provide protection to all the trades,” Building and Construction Trades Department Secretary-Treasurer Sean McGarvey wrote to Northern California Building Trades Councils. “Moreover, it will enable a significant number of projects in Northern California to move forward under PLAs to the great benefit of your members.”  

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