The built project was funded by the California’s Tobacco Tax Fund (Proposition 99) from 1999-2007, and in that time, developed numerous resources about cessation and prevention of tobacco use by construction and blue collar workers.  Many of these materials are still available in hard copy through the Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California (TECC):  (search for “union”).

We are pleased to have received funding from Pfizer to update the website and select materials.  Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.


BUILT Website for July, 2004 - Un do Tobacco!

California is the leader in fighting the tobacco industry.

Imagine a worksite with no injuries or illness. That's the dream of every Health and Safety Director. The California Department of Health Services (DHS) dares to dream of a tobacco free California.

"Imagine a world without cigarettes." You may have seen the undo tobacco ads with people blowing bubbles instead of cigarette smoke. Here is a new website from DHS featuring the undo tobacco theme and much, much more.

Are you thinking about quitting? will help you learn how with information as complete and up to date as anything on the web. Are you ready to quit? The resources are here. Do you want to help someone else quit? There's good advice and help here. And it's not just about cigarette smoke! Quitting chew and cigars is also covered.

California's anti-tobacco program is saving lives. www.tobaccofreeca.comshows how successful it has been and how many lives have been saved. The "tobacco toll meter" shows how many people are dying, how much money tobacco companies spend on advertising, and how much they profit from the disease and death they sell worldwide. This is a great website for anybody who would like to see a tobacco free California.