The built project was funded by the California’s Tobacco Tax Fund (Proposition 99) from 1999-2007, and in that time, developed numerous resources about cessation and prevention of tobacco use by construction and blue collar workers.  Many of these materials are still available in hard copy through the Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California (TECC):  (search for “union”).

We are pleased to have received funding from Pfizer to update the website and select materials.  Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.


What You Need to Know About Smoking Cessation -

At first glance, About Smoking Cessation ( may start out looking like another smoking cessation resource web site, however it quickly turns into a complete anti-tobacco site with links to stories on many other web sites. It is a great site for those wanting to quit, with good chat rooms. It is also a treasury of tobacco information.