The built project was funded by the California’s Tobacco Tax Fund (Proposition 99) from 1999-2007, and in that time, developed numerous resources about cessation and prevention of tobacco use by construction and blue collar workers.  Many of these materials are still available in hard copy through the Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California (TECC):  (search for “union”).

We are pleased to have received funding from Pfizer to update the website and select materials.  Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.


National Spit Tobacco Education Program - WWW.NSTEP.ORG -

Everything you ever wanted to know about chew and spit tobacco.
Our featured websites focuse primarily on cigarettes and smoking. Chew and dip are more addictive than cigarettes and have terrible health consequences. They are not a safe alternative to smoking! Yet blue-collar workers use more chew and dip than the general population.

Many of the previous websites have information on chew/dip if you look for it. But at you will find the truth about spit tobacco. Oral Health America's National Spit Tobacco Education Program (NSTEP) works with The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to support spit tobacco cessation programs and oral cancer.