The built project was funded by the California’s Tobacco Tax Fund (Proposition 99) from 1999-2007, and in that time, developed numerous resources about cessation and prevention of tobacco use by construction and blue collar workers.  Many of these materials are still available in hard copy through the Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California (TECC):  (search for “union”).

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August 2002

"Although blue-collar workers attempt to quit smoking as often as other workers do, they tend to be less successful," said Glorian Sorenson, of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, after completing a study on tobacco cessation efforts at blue collar worksites.

In Sorenson's study, workers at 15 worksites were given information about tobacco. Half the workers were given information only about tobacco and quitting while the other half were given the same information as part of an occupational health and safety program. At the end of two years twice as many workers in the second group had quit smoking than in the first group. According to the study:

Ø This was the first smoking cessation program that has produced high rates of quitting smoking among blue-collar workers.

Ø Workers are concerned about threats to their health on the job.

Ø Tying smoking into occupational safety programs helps motivate workers to take action on both fronts.

Toxics & Tobacco On The Job, a health and safety curriculum developed by BUILT, is now being used in many apprenticeship programs. This curriculum combines information about tobacco and workplace toxics. Sorenson's study underscores that BUILT's approach is effective in helping construction workers quit tobacco.

Toxics & Tobacco On The Job, includes a student workbook in English and Spanish. Supplements for Ironworkers, Roofers and Heat & Frost Insulators/Asbestos Workers are also available.

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